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The Vizu Panel will be closing as of April 30, 2015
All available rewards will need to be redeemed/cashed out by said date. After April 30, 2015, the Vizu Panel will no longer be available and all rewards will expire. To continue taking surveys after April 30, 2015 please go to where the same great survey taking experience exists. Should you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch by emailing member services at
Vizu Panel is an online community of thought leaders who participate in the development of new products and services through online opinion research surveys.

Members are never required to pay or purchase anything in order to participate in our surveys. Join today to help shape the products and services of the future. It's easy. Just fill out and submit our member registration form and confirm your email address. All the information you give us is kept strictly confidential.

Registration is FREE and you'll earn $5 by joining today!

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Companies pay to find panelists willing to take relevant market research surveys.

  • Surveys can take as little as 10 minutes

  • Get paid after you take each survey

  • We match you up to interesting, fun surveys by using your basic demographic information